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Krazy James New Boat Books List


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201. Cruising with Your Four-Footed Friends by Diana Jessie ISBN 1-892399-16-4
202. This Old Boat 2nd Edition by Don Casey ISBN 9780071477949
203. Book of Wooden Boats Vol II by Benjamin Mendlowitz & Maynard Bray ISBN 9780393048995
204. The Complete Guide to Choosing a Cruising Sailboat by Roger Marshall ISBN 9780070419988
205. Sailing: A Woman's Guide by Doris Colgate ISBN 9780070067202
206. The Cruising Life by Jim Trefethen ISBN 9780070653603
207. Quick and Easy Boat Maintenance by Sandy Lindsey ISBN 9780071343251
208. Learn Sailing Right! Beginning Sailing by U.S. Sailing ISBN 9780979467721
209. Small Ships 5th Edition by Benford Design Group ISBN 9781888671414
210. World Cruising Routes 6th Edition by Jimmy Cornell ISBN 9780071592895
211. The Intracoastal Waterway Chartbook by John & Leslie Kettlewell ISBN 9780071545792
212. Chance the Tide: How to Cruise the Bahamas for the Winter by Kenneth Mowbray ISBN 1-57409-147-6
213. Boatowner's Illustrated Handbook of Wiring by Charlie Wing ISBN 9780071446440
214. Propeller Handbook by Dave Gerr ISBN 9780071381765
215. The Fiberglass Boat Repair Manual by Allan H. Vaitses ISBN 9780071569149
216. The 12-Volt Bible for Boats by Miner Brotherton ISBN 9780071392334
217. Atlantic Islands by Anne Hammick ISBN 9780852887615
218. The Old Outboard Book by Peter Hunn ISBN 0-07-138309-3
219. Brightwork: The Art of Finishing Wood by Rebecca Wittman ISBN 0071486577
220. Inspecting the Aging Sailboat by Don Casey ISBN 9780071445450
221. Sailboat Electrics Simplified by Don Casey ISBN 9780070366497
222. Sailboat Refinishing by Don Casey ISBN 0-07-148658-5
223. Sailboat Hull and Deck Repair by Don Casey ISBN 0-07-013369-7
224. Troubleshooting Marine Diesels by Peter Compton ISBN 9780070123540
225. The Complete Rigger's Apprentice by Brion Toss ISBN 9780070648401
226. The Cruising Multihull by Chris White ISBN 9780070698680
227. Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual By Nigel Calder ISBN 9780071432382
228. 100 Fast and Easy Boat Improvements by Don Casey ISBN 0-07-144055-0
229. Hal Roth Seafaring Trilogy by Hal Roth ISBN 9780071461337
230. Boatowner's Weekend Woodworking by Garth Graves ISBN 9780070246966
231. Yacht Style by Daniel Spurr ISBN 9780070605633
232. Walker Common Sense Logbook by Milo & Terry Walker ISBN 0-945265-31-X
233. Handmade Houseboats: Independent Living Afloat by Russell Conder ISBN 0-07-158022-0
234. Boatbuilding Manual by Robert M. Steward ISBN 9780070613768
235. Building Classic Small Craft by John Gardner ISBN 9780071427975
236. Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding by George Buehler ISBN 9780071583800
237. Devlin's Boatbuilding by Samual Devlin ISBN 0-07-157990-7
238. Cruising Cuisine by Kay Pastorius ISBN 0-07-048703-0
239. Dreamspeaker Cruising Guide, Vol 2:Desolation Sound & Discovery Is. by Yeadon-Jones ISBN 9781932310146
240. Your First Powerboat by Bob Armstrong ISBN 97800714967735
241. Yoga Onboard by Kim Hess ISBN 9780972202640
242. The Cruising Woman's Advisor by Diana Jessie ISBN 9780071485586
243. Catboat Summers by John Conway ISBN 9781574091717
244. Multihull Cruising Fundamentals by Rick White and Harry Munns ISBN 0-07-046289-5
245. Why Didn't I Think of That by John and Susan Roberts ISBN 0-07-053221-4
246. The Making of Tom Cat by William Garden ISBN 0-937822-78-7
247. The Complete On-Board Celestial Navigator By Dr. G.G. Bennett ISBN 0-07-148569-4
248. Boater's Bowditch by Richard Keith Hubbard ISBN 0-07-136136-7
249. Pirates Aboard by Klaus Hympendahl ISBN 9781574092301
250. Get Your Captain's License 4th Edition by Charlie Wing & Jim Austin ISBN 9780071603690
251. Go Sail Book & DVD by Steve Sleight ISBN 9780756619459
252. DVD Yoga Onboard ISBN TRO101
253. Beyond Endurance by Adam Mayers ISBN 9780771057557
254. Windvane Self-Steering Handbook by Bill Morris ISBN 9780071434690
255. Cruising Ports: Central American Route 6th Ed. by Capt. John & Patricia Rains ISBN 9780963847027
256. Learning to Sail, 2nd Ed., In Dinghies or Yachts by Basil Misenthal ISBN 9780713682427
257. Fiberglass Boats 4th Edition by Hugo du Plessis ISBN 0-71367-395-8
258. Docks and Destinations by Peter Vassilopoulos ISBN 0-919317042-0
259. Long Term Almanac 2000-2050 by Geoffrey Kolbe ISBN 9780914025108
260. New Complete Sailing Manual by Steve Sleight ISBN 9780756609443
261. The One Minute Guide to the Nautical Rules of the Road by Charlie Wing ISBN 0-07-147923-6
262. Backyard Astronomer's Guide 3rd Ed. by Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer ISBN 9781554073443
263. Capt. Joshua Slocum by Victor Slocum ISBN 0-911378-04-9
264. Complete Sea Kayak Touring 2nd Edition by Jonathan Hanson ISBN 9780071461283
265. A Passion for the Sea by Jimmy Cornell ISBN 9780955639609
266. Magic of Turkey by Alfredo Giacon ISBN 9781574092707
267. The Strip-Built Sea Kayak by Nick Schade ISBN 0-07-057989-X
268. Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble by Matt Braze and George Gronseth ISBN 0-07-008499-8
269. Art of the Canoe with Joe Seliga by Jerry Stelmok & Deborah Sussex ISBN 9780760312414
270. Sailor's Secrets Edited by Mike Badham ISBN 0-07-134869-7
271. Inside Passage Route Planning Paper Map SOUTH PORTION ISBN 0-938665-88-X
272. New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding by Reuel Parker ISBN 0-937822-89-2
273. Outboard Engines by Edwin R. Sherman ISBN 9780070578562
274. Charles E. Nicholson and His Yachts by William Collier and Franco Pace ISBN 0-7136-5736-7
275. Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems 2nd Edition by Ed Sherman ISBN9780071485500
276. The Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion by Everett Collier ISBN 0-07-1475443
277. Weather Predicting Simplified by Michael Carr ISBN 9780070120310
278. Sailing Fundamentals, Rev Ed., by Gary Jobson ISBN 9780743273084
279. The Elements of Boat Strength by Dave Gerr ISBN 0-07-023159-1
280. Ultimate Guide to Sportfishing by Leonard H. Rudow ISBN 0-07-058039-1
281. Spanish for Cruisers 2nd Edition by Kathy Parsons ISBN 9780967590523
282. East Aegean by Rod Heikell ISBN 978085288429X
283. Boatbuilding With Plywood by Glen L. Witt ISBN 0-939070-07-3
284. The Nature of Boats by Dave Gerr ISBN 9780070242333
285. Principles of Yacht Design 3rd Ed. by Lars Larsson ISBN 9780071487696
286. Boats With an Open Mind by Philip C. Bolger ISBN 9780070063761
287. Boat Joinery and Cabinetmaking Simplified by Fred P. Bingham ISBN 0-07-005307-3
288. Boatbuilders of Muskoka bt A. H. Duke and William Gray ISBN 1-55046-210-5
289. Understanding Boat Design by Ted Brewer ISBN 9780070076945
290. Silver by Edward Chupack ISBN 9780312539368
291. Empire of Blue Water by Stephen Talty ISBN 9780307236617
292. Seaworthiness: The Forgotten Factor 2nd Edition by C.A. Marchaj ISBN 1-888-671-09-2
293. William Fife: Master of the Classic Yacht by Peter Pace ISBN 0-937822-49-3
294. Boatbuilding With Aluminum 2nd Edition by Stephen F. Pollard ISBN 9780071443180
295. Steel Boatbuilding by Thomas E. Colvin ISBN 1-888671-02-5
296. Beken of Cowes Sailing Ships of the World by Erik C. Abranson ISBN 0-947637-47-8
297. Advice to the Sealorn by Herb Payson ISBN 0-07-049451-7
298. Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia by Linda and Steve Dashew ISBN 9780965802819
299. Depths of Courage by Gannon McHale ISBN 9780425223703
300. Designs to Inspire: Selections from the Rudder 1897-1942 by Anne & Maynard Bray ISBN 0-937822-63-9
301. Chapman Piloting 66th Edition by Charles Husick ISBN 9781588167446
302. SAIL Book of Commonsense Cruising edited by Patrice Wales ISBN 1-57409-121-2
303. 100 Boat Designs Reviewed by Peter H. Spectre ISBN 0-937822-44-2
304. Annapolis Book of Seamanship by John Rousmaniere ISBN 0-684-85420-1
305.Mariner's Book of Days by Peter Spectre ISBN 9781574093049
306. Cruising Fundamentals by Harry Munns ISBN 9780070015197
307. Make Money with Your Captain's License by David Brown ISBN 9780071475235
308. How to Cope With Storms by Dietrich Von Haeften ISBN 1-57409-032-1
309. Of Yachts and Men by William Atkin ISBN 1-888671-07-6
310. Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us by Captain Bill Brogden ISBN 0-07-008164-6
311. Basic Coastal Navigation by Frank J. Larkin ISBN 1-57409-052-6
312. Storm Tactics Handbook 3rd Edition by Lin and Larry Pardey ISBN 9781929214471
313. Coastal Navigation by U.S. Sailing ISBN 1-882502-34-5
314. Captain's Guide to Liferaft Survival by Captain Michael Cargal ISBN 9780924486005
315. Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James Hornfischer ISBN 0-553-80257-7
316. Elements of Yacht Design (Skenes)by Norman L. Skene ISBN 9781574091342
317. San Juan Islands Moon Handbook by Don Pitcher ISBN 9781598800159/a>
318. The Best Tips from Women Aboard edited by Maria Russell ISBN 0-9663520-1-7
319. Inside Passage to Alaska by Art Wolfe ISBN 9781570614927
320. Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets, Revised by Jim Tolpin ISBN 9781561587971
321. On and Off the Beaten Path: Central & Southern Bahamas Guide by S.J. Pavlidis ISBN 9780963956699
322. Sail Performance by C.A. Marchaj ISBN 9780071413107
323. The Big Book of Boat Canvas by Karen Lipe ISBN 0-915160-34-X
324. The Complete Canvas Worker's Guide by Jim Grant ISBN 0-07-024080-9
325. Wooden Boat Renovation by Jim Trefethen ISBN 0-07-065239-2
326. Canvaswork & Sail Repair by Don Casey ISBN 0-07-013391-3
327. Refrigeration for Pleasureboats by Nigel Calder iSBN 9780071579988
328. Spurr's Boatbook: Upgrading the Cruising Sailboat by Daniel Spurr ISBN 978007145567
329. Complete Book of Home Preserving Edited by Judi Kingry & Lauren Devine ISBN 9780778801313
330. Ocean Passages & Landfalls by Rod Heikell & Andy O'Grady ISBN 0-85288-837-6
331.Runabout Renovation: How to Fix Up an Old Fiberglass Speedboat by Jim Anderson ISBN 0-07-158008-5
332. Marine Diesel Engines by Daniel Charnews ISBN 9780870335907
333. The Sharpie Book By Revel Parker ISBN 9780071580137
334. The Outboard Boater's Handbook by David R. Getchell Sr. ISBN 978007020230538
335. Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats by Henry C. Mustin ISBN 9780070442481
336. Ionian Cruising Companion by Vanessa Bird ISBN 9781904358275
337. Cruising the Chesapeake: A Gunkholer's Guide by William H. Shellenberger ISBN 0-07-136371-8
338. A Cruising Guide to Narragansett Bay and S. Mass by L. Childress & D. Martin ISBN 0-07-016304-9
339. A Cruising Guide to Puget Sound by Migael M. Scherer ISBN 9780071420396
340. Your First Atlantic Crossing by Les Weatheritt ISBN 9780713689495
341. Kayaks You Can Build by Ted Moores & Greg Rossel ISBN 1-55297-861-3
342. Cruising Guide for the Kingdom of Tonga by Ken Hellewell ISBN 9780972749213
343. Marine Diesel Engines by Nigel Calder ISBN 9780071475358
344. Nigel Calder's Cruising Handbook by Nigel Calder ISBN 9780071350990
345. Classic Speedboats: 1916-1939 by Gerald Guetat ISBN 0-7603-0464-5
347. Adriatic Pilot 4th ed. by Trevor & Dinah Thompson ISBN 0-85288-700-0
348. The Sailmaker's Apprentice by Emiliano Marino ISBN 9780071376426
349. The Ship by Simon Baker ISBN 1-59258-004-1
350. French For Cruisers by Kathy Parsons ISBN 0-9675905-1-5
351. The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge by John Vigor ISBN 9780070674752
352. Pocket Cruisers and Tabloid Yachts by the Benford Design Group ISBN 1-888671-04-1
353. Build the New Instant Boats by Harold H. Payson ISBN 9780071559669
354. Your Offshore Doctor by Dr. Michael Beilan ISBN 1-57409-013-5
355. Ultralight Boatbuilding by Thomas J. Hill ISBN 9780071567039
356. Boat Modeling with Dynamite Payson by Harold H. Payson ISBN 1-887222-05-7
357. Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast by Randy Leffingwell & Pamela Leffingwell ISBN 0-89658-429-1
358. The Complete Sailor by David Seidman ISBN 9780070571310
359. It's Your Boat Too by Suzanne Giesemann ISBN 0-939837-69-2
360. Getting Started in Powerboating 3rd Edition by Bob Armstrong ISBN 0-07-144899-3
361. Legendary Sailing Ships Edited by Franco Giorgetti ISBN 9788854403123
362. How to Be a Pirate by John Malam ISBN 9780792274483
363. DVD Get Ready to Cruise by Lin & Larry Pardey PDV007
364. Navigator's Handbook by Jeff Toghill ISBN 1-58574-791-2
365. Chile: Africa Desert to Tierra del Fuego, 2nd ed. by Andrew O'Grady ISBN 0-85288-721-3
366. Blue Water Sailing Manual by Barry Pickthall ISBN 9780071487689
367. Caribbean Cruising by Jane Gibb & John Gibb ISBN 9781574091724
368. Gaff Rig Handbook by John Leather ISBN 0-937822-67-1
369. The Troller Yacht Book by George Buehler ISBN 0-393-04709-1
370. Blown Away by Herb Payson ISBN 0-924486-95-3
371. Sea Kayaker Magazines Handbook of Safety and Rescue by D. Alderson & M. Pardy ISBN 0-07-138890-7
372. Inside Passage Route Planning Laminated Map SOUTH ISBN 0-938665-85-5
373. Ship Modeling From Scratch by Edwin B. Leaf ISBN 0-07-036817-1
374. Ship Modeling Simplified by Frank Mastini ISBN 9780071558679
375. Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers Edited by Lucia del Sol & D.B. MacNaughton ISBN 9780393048766
376. Higher Performance Sailing by Frank Bethwaite ISBN 9781408101261
377. By Way of the Wind by Jim Moore ISBN 0-924486-09-0
378. Voyaging On a Small Income by Annie Hill ISBN 1-888671-37-8
379. Singlehanded Sailing 2nd Edition by Richard Henderson ISBN 9780070281646
380. DVD Eastern Horizons by Reel Water Productions ISBN RWP002
381. Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings by Dennis Fisher ISBN 0-07-021120-5
382. Patriot Pirates by Robert H. Patton ISBN 9780375422843
383. The Sextant Handbook by Bruce Bauer ISBN 9780070052192
384. The Intracoastal Waterway: Norfolk to Miami by John and Leslie Kettlewell ISBN 0-07-1422-11-0
385. Voyager's Handbook 2nd Edition by Beth Leonard ISBN 9780071437653
386. The European Waterways 2nd Edition by Marian Martin ISBN 1-57409-176-X
387. Boating 101 by Roger Siminoff ISBN 0-07-134329-6
388. From the Fo'c's'le by David Kasanof ISBN 9781577090345
389. Cruising Sailboat Kinetics by Danny Greene ISBN 1-888671-08-4
390. Cruising Guide to the New England Coast by Roger C. Duncan & R.S. Duncan ISBN 0-393-04858-6
391. Heart of Glass: Fiberglass Boats and the Men Who Made Them by Daniel Spurr ISBN 9780071435468
392. Optimize Your Cruising Sailboat by John Roberts ISBN 0-07-141951-9
393. Inside Passage Route Planning Paper Map NORTH ISBN 0-938665-89-8
394. The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing by Scott Bannerot and Wendy Bannerot ISBN 9780071427883
395. The Insider's Guide to Buying a Powerboat by J.P. Lamy ISBN 9780071351508
396. Cruising World's Workbench edited and illustrated by Bruce Bingham ISBN 0-07-137963-0
397. American Lighthouse by Bruce Roberts and Ray Jones ISBN 0-7627-2269-X
398. Mexican Boating Guide 2nd Edition by Captains Pat and John Rains ISBN 9780963847058
399. Pirates and Patroits of the Revolution by C. Keith Wilbur ISBN 0-87106-866-4
400. Secrets of the Viking Navigators by Leif K. Karlsen ISBN 0-9721515-0-8
401. Small Craft Plans by Benford Design Group ISBN 1-888671-05-X
402. DVD Get Ready to Cross Oceans by Lin & Larry Pardey PDV008
403. Sea Kayaking Illustrated by John Robison ISBN 0-07-139234-3
404. The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat by Mark Nicholas ISBN 0-939837-66-8
405. Twenty Affordable Sailboats to Take You Anywhere by Gregg Nestor ISBN 0-939837-72-2
406. Norway Pilot by Judy Lomax ISBN 9780852889404
407. Tuning Yachts and Small Keelboats by Lawrie Smith ISBN 0-906754-35-6
408. Marine Single Side-Band by J. Michael Gale ISBN 9781904475033
409. 12-Volt Doctor's Practical Handbook by Edgar J. Beyn ISBN 1-878797-13-1
410. 12-Volt Doctor's Project Book by Edgar J. Beyn ISBN 9781880093061
411. Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual by Iain Oughtred ISBN 0-937822-61-2
412. Sailing Cubebook by Valeria Manferto de Fabianis ISBN 9788854401792
413. Coastal Cruising Under Power by Gene Hamilton & Katie Hamilton ISBN 9780071445446
414. Fast Track to Cruising by Steve Colgate & Doris Colgate ISBN 9780071406727
415. K.I.S.S. Guide to Sailing by Steve Sleight ISBN 0-7894-8052-2
416. PowerBoat Guide 2009 Edition by Ed McKnew ISBN 9780977353958
417. Castaway Boats by Victor Slocum ISBN 1-57409-126-3
418. Erie Canal by Debbie Daino Stack and Captain Ronald Marquisee ISBN 0-9708886-0-0
419. Fishing For Dummies by Peter Kaminsky ISBN 0-7645-5028-4
420. Sailing Away From Sinter by Silver Donald Cameron ISBN 9780771018428
421. Mariner's Weather Handbook by Steve Dashew ISBN 9780965802826
422. Surviving the Storm: Coastal & Offshore Tactics by Steve & Linda Dashew ISBN 0-9658028-9-2
423. Dutch Treat by Tristan Jones ISBN 1-57409-116-6
424. Shipshape: The Art of Sailboat Maintenance by Ferenc Mate ISBN 0-920256-33-3
425. From a Bare Hull by Ferenc Mate ISBN 0-920256-31-7
426. Seafaring Women by David Cordingly ISBN 9780375758720
427. The Great Cruising Cookbook by John C. Payne ISBN 0-924486-92-9
428. One Pan Galley Gourmet by Don Jacobson & John Roberts ISBN 0-07-142382-6
429. The Cruising Chef Cookbook by Michael Greenwald ISBN 0-8306-6864-0
430. Cruise of the Snark by Jack London ISBN 0-85036-331-X
431. Sailboat Buyer's Guide by Karel Doruyter ISBN 0-938665-72-3
432. 12 Metre Class by Luigi Lang & Dyer Jones ISBN 0-7136-6179-8
433. How to Read a Nautical Chart by Nigel Calder ISBN 0-07-137615-1
434. Yachtsman's Pilot to the Western Isles by Martin Lawrence ISBN 0-85288-691-8
435. Enterprise to Endeavour: The J-Class Yachts by Ian Dear ISBN 9781574090918
436. Aluminium Boatbuilding by Ernest H. Sims ISBN 9781574091137
437. Inside Passage Route Planning Laminated Map NORTH ISBN 0-938665-87-1
438. Cruising in Seraffyn by Lin & Larry Pardey ISBN 1-929214-04-9
439. British Columbia's Gulf Islands Afoot and Afloat by Marge & Ted Mueller ISBN 0-89886-612-X
440. Southern Exposure by Chris Duff ISBN 0-7627-2595-8
441. Advanced Marine Electrics & Electronics Troubleshooting by Ed Sherman ISBN 9780071461863
442. An America's Cup Treasury: The Lost Levick Photos, 1893-1937 by Gary Jobson ISBN 0-917376-51-X
443. Pacific Northwest Weather by George Miller ISBN 1-57188-235-9
444. Marine Electrical & Electronic Bible 3rd Edition by John C. Payne ISBN 9781574092424
445. Joel White by Bill Mayher ISBN 0-9608964-0-6
446. Super Cargo Ships by Christopher Batio ISBN 0-7603-0804-7
447.Exploring the Marqueasas Islands by Joe Russell ISBN 9780938665649
448. Complete Guide to Sail Care and Repair by Dan Neri ISBN 1-930086-05-9
449. Pirate Hunter by Richard Zacks ISBN 0-7868-8451-7
450. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Frederick Stonehouse ISBN 0-932212-84-4
451. Capt. Nat Herreshoff by L. Francis Herreshoff ISBN 1-57409-004-6
452. Dodge Boats by Anthony S. Mollica, Jr. ISBN 0-7603-1174-9
453. Hall Brothers Shipbuilders by Gary White ISBN 9780738556147
454. Precious Cargo by Clyde Ford ISBN 9781593154851
455. Fiberglass Repair and Construction Handbook by Jack Wiley ISBN 0-8306-2779-0
456. Pacific Coast Route Planning Paper Map SOUTH ISBN 0-938665-94-4
457. Pacific Coast Route Planning Laminated Map SOUTH ISBN 0-938665-96-0
458. A.M.A. Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care, Updated Edition by the A.M.A. ISBN 9781400007127
459. Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual by Don Casey ISBN 9780071462846
460. Friday Harbor by Mike & Julia Vouri ISBN 9780738558691
461. How to Design a Boat by John Teale ISBN 1-57409-157-3
462. Boat Data Book by Ian Nicilson ISBN 1-57409-197-2
463. The Chinese Sailing Rig 3rd Edition by Derek Van Loan ISBN 0-939837-70-6
464. Tugboats on Puget Sound by Chuck Fowler & Capt. Mark Freeman ISBN 9780738559728
465. Complete Book of Decorative Knots by Geoffrey Budworth ISBN 1-55821-791-6
466. Cruising Guide to Trinidad & Tobago 3rd Edition by Chris Doyle 9780944428771
467. Cruising Guide to the Hawaiian Islands 2nd Edition by Carolyn & Bob Mehaffy ISBN 0-939837-73-0
468. West Aegean Cruising Companion by Rob Buttress ISBN 9781904358268
469. Super Yachts by John Julian ISBN 0-7603-1038-6
470. Real Pirates by Barry Clifford & Kenneth Kinkor ISBN 9781426202629
471. All Hands Down by Kenneth Sewell & Jerome Preisler ISBN 9780743297981
472. Lighthouse Families by Cheryl Shelton-Roberts & Bruce Roberts ISBN 9781575872469
473. The Burgee 5th Edition by David Kutz ISBN 9780964193482
474. I Love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck ISBN 9780152056643
475. Dictionary of Maritime & Transportation Terms by Jeffrey Monroe & Robert Stewart ISBN 9780870335693
476. Waggoner Cruising Guide 2010 Edited by Robert Hale ISBN 9780935727333
477. Mainsail to the Wind: A Book of Sailing Quotations by William Galvani ISBN 9781574090673
478. Top Yacht Races of the World by Sue & Anthony Steward ISBN 0-8092-9321-8
479. Flirting With Mermaids by John Kretschmer ISBN 1-57409-164-6
480. Marine Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning by James Harbach ISBN 9780870335666
481. A Single Wave by Webb Chiles ISBN 1-57409-072-0
482. An Introduction to Sailing by Peter Blake ISBN 9780924486548
483. Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats by Bet Oliver ISBN 0-920633-59-1
484. Florida Keys Ports of Call by Thomas Henschel ISBN 0-9704068-2-7
485. Greek Waters Pilot, 10th Edition by Rod Heikell ISBN 9780852889718
486. Grenada to the Virgin Islands Pilot by Jacques Patuelli ISBN 9781846230110
487. The Perfect First Mate by Joy Smith ISBN 9781574092820
488. Island Waterways of France, 8th Edition by David Edwards-May ISBN 0-85288-472-9
489. First Sail by Richard Henderson ISBN 9780870334429
490. Italian Waters Pilot, 7th Edition by Rod Heikell ISBN 9780852889138
491. Scorpion Down by Ed Offley ISBN 9780465051861
492. Red Sky in Mourning by Tami Oldham Ashcraft ISBN 0-7868-67941-4
493. Fitting Out Your Boat by Michael Naujok ISBN 1-57409-185-9
494. On-board Weather Handbook by Chris Tibbs ISBN 9780071497152
495. Sailing for Dummies by J.J. Isler and Peter Isler ISBN 0-471-79143-1
496. Desperate Voyage by John Caldwell ISBN 0-246-12708-2
497. New Plywood Boats: and a Few Others by Thomas Firth Jones ISBN 1-57409-096-8
498. Start Sailing Right by U.S. Sailing & Red Cross ISBN 9781882502486
499. Metalcasting by C.W. Ammen ISBN 0-07-134246-X
500. Boat Modeling the Easy Way by H.H."Dynamite"Payson ISBN 1-887222-03-0
501. Offshore Sailing by Bill Seiffert and Dan Spurr ISBN 0-07-137424-8
502. A Boat Named Clancy by J.D. Brown and Bob Pickett isbn 9780917436048
503. Marine SSB Radio for Idi-Yachts by Capt. Marti Brown ISBN 0-9715640-2-2
504. Shellfish: The Cookbook by Karen Barnaby ISBN 9781552859254
505. Tropical Cruising Handbook by Mark Smaalders & Kim des Rochers ISBN 0-07-144030-5
506. Independent Energy Guide by Kevin Jeffrey ISBN 0-9644112-0-2
507. Mediterranean Cruising Handbook, 5th Edition by Rod Heikell ISBN 0-85288-779-5
508. Advanced First Aid Afloat by Peter F. Eastman, M.D. ISBN 978087033542
509. Building the Sweet Dream: An Ultralight Solo Canoe by Marc F. Pettingill ISBN 1-888671-03-3
510. Sole Survivors of the Sea by James Wise Jr. ISBN 9781591149439
511. Shipwreck or Shangri-La? by Peter Lickford ISBN 1-57409-142-5
512. The World's Best Sailboats Vol.1 by Ferenc Mate ISBN 9780920256114
513. Marine Reinforced Plastics Construction by John Wills ISBN 1-888671-15-7
514. Confessions of a Boatbuilder by James Douglas Rosborough ISBN 9781574091274
515. Boatbuilding by Howard I. Chapelle ISBN 9780393035544
516. Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing by Gary Jobson & Jay Kehoe ISBN 0-07-143467-4
517. Building Your Own Boat: Completing a Bare Hull by Ian Nicholson ISBN 9781574090208
518. Building Small Boats by Greg Rossel ISBN 0-937822-50-7
519. Sea Kayaking by John Dowd ISBN 1-55054-076-6
520. Canoe Shop by Chris Kulczycki ISBN 0-07-137227-X
521. Building the Kevlar Canoe by James Moran ISBN 0-07-043036-5
522. Canoecraft by Ted Moores ISBN 0-920656-24-2
523. Six Frigates by Ian Toll ISBN 9780393330328
524. Art of Sculling by Joe Paduda ISBN 0-07-158010-7
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1509. Inland and Coastal Navigation by David Burch ISBN 9780914025146
1510. Annotated Sailing Alone Around the World by Capt. Joshua Slocum, Annotated by Rod Scher ISBN 9781574092752
1511. Iain Oughtred: A Life in Wooden Boats by Nic Compton ISBN 9780937822999
1512. Building Kettenburgs by Mark Allen ISBN 9780939511266
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